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Hydraulic speed controllers

"Iskra Energo, s.r.o.", together with European partners, developed technical solutions for hydraulic regulation of hydropower units.

The purpose of the development was to ensure the function of regulating the frequency and active power of the hydraulic unit using the hydro mechanical part of the hydraulic turbine regulation system, as well as controlling the opening of the turbine regulating bodies in the transient modes of operation of the hydraulic unit (when starting, stopping, and unloading the load).

The system of hydraulic speed regulation of hydraulic units includes sets of sensors, devices and systems necessary for combination with the control part of the regulator. Control of these devices and systems is carried out using speed controller controllers.

The controls provide manual, local or remote control of the rotation frequency in the range of 45÷55 Hz in the frequency control mode and the opening of the guide apparatus from 0 to 100% in the power control mode.

The hydraulic speed regulator regulates the rotation speed of the pump-turbine by changing the amount of opening of the guide apparatus by issuing a control signal to the electro-hydraulic converter, which controls the oil supply system under pressure to the servo drive.

The following parameters are provided:

  • Automatic start of the pump-turbine
  • Automatic equalization of generator frequencies
  • Stable operation of the hydraulic unit in various operating modes
  • Normal and emergency stop of the pump-turbine in automatic and manual control
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