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Dry distribution transformers

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TMC Bulgaria represents part of the TMC Transformers group, which has offices in countries such as Australia, Italy, Spain, Argentina, France, Germany and Israel. The company manufactures dry epoxy transformers ranging from 100 kVA to 10,000 kVA, which are suitable for installation in areas with high environmental and fire protection requirements. Our transformers are characterized by high reliability and quality, solid construction, long service life and low noise level. TMC Group's engineering team offers standard transformers, transformers with reduced losses, special types of transformers with specific windings according to customer requirements (traction transformers, transformers for frequency converters, transformers with double HV or LV windings).

The transformers are tested in CESI laboratories in compliance with environmental class E2, climatic class C2, fire resistance class F1. All our transformers undergo routine tests, and we also offer some special tests on customer's request.

Routine tests include:

  • Ratio measurements and phase displacement checks and confirmation of the type of wiring.
  • Loss and no-load current measurements
  • Measurement of short-circuit and load losses
  • Applied voltage tests
  • Applied voltage tests
  • Partial discharge measurements
  • Verification of documentation
  • Verification of accessories
  • Verification of dimensions

Special tests include:

  • Thermal stress

  • Impulse voltage test
  • Noise level measurement

You can download the technical specification of the transformers here:

Please refer to the manufacturer's catalogue for more information.

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