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About company

Our company will provide you with a complete supply of electrical equipment in the range of low voltage (LV), high voltage (HV) and very high voltage (VVN) for power engineering, industrial enterprises and construction companies.

The main focus of our company is the supply of distribution and power transformers from renowned manufacturers.
In the field of distribution transformers, we mainly cooperate with the manufacturer LEMI TRAFO, which has both dry-type and oil-immersed transformers in its portfolio.

As far as the supply of power transformers is concerned, ZREW TRANSORMATORY is our partner.

In the field of power transformers and autotransformers from 100 MVA to 450 MVA and with voltages up to 420 kV, our partner is the manufacturer ETD Transformers.

We are also newly supplying electricity meters from the manufacturer ISKRAEMECO.

With the assistance of our European partners, a hydraulic speed control project for a hydroelectric power plant has been developed and implemented.

Our company has experience in the implementation of projects for the supply of gas insulated switchgear (GIS).


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